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MainCatalogIP video phonesCisco 9951 IP Video Phone

Advanced IP Video phone with color display

Cisco 9951 IP Video Phone
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  • Cisco 9951 IP Video Phone
  • Cisco 9951 IP Video Phone
  • Cisco 9951 IP Video Phone
Main characteristics
SKU 1904
Vendor Cisco
Category IP video phones
Standart VoIP/SIP - Bluetooth™
Display TFT 5", 640x480
Q'ty of channels 5 sip accounts
Connectors RJ-45, RJ-9, USB
Datacom 2Lan x 1 Gigabit
Phone book 200 entries
Management WEB
Dimensions, HWD 262.5 x 39.7 x 234 mm
Weight 2.1 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 453 $
Other currency 399 ˆ
In stock
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard PayPal

The first thing to catch the user’s eye is the 9951’s full-color display: a 5-inch, 640x480-pixel, 24-bit color display for video and applications, as well as standard phone feature control. Because IP phones are essentially computers, this screen is actually a mini-monitor, with full H.264 video at 30 frames per second. Getting an eyeful of the boss has never been more motivating. As Cisco users have come to expect, the 9951’s voice quality is outstanding, and the speakerphone is full duplex — meaning a user can hear when the boss is interrupting. The Bluetooth support is perfect for a wireless handset, so the user can roam as far as 30 feet from the phone while chatting. Two USB ports are available for users who need a wired connection for enhanced call control or to attach a video camera. Many phones have separate corporate and personal directories, which require the user to remember which directory contains the contact he or she is looking for. The Cisco 9951 controls both directories from the same button, with the same screen, making it as easy to call your mother as it is to buzz a coworker.

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